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 Hype Girl, Your Coach, BFF, Bartender aka.The One Who Tells You What You Need to Hear and Not What You Want.

She's just a small-town girl living in a lonely world. 

No, seriously, she is. Michelle grew up in a small Northern Ontario town but also had the urge to do more, live a life of abundance, and strive to create a life she didn't want to run from. 

It took her 34 years but she finally feels like she's made it home. 

Michelle has an educational background in Public Relations and has over 10 years of experience working with entrepreneurs, businesses, and individuals, helping them grow, communicate more effectively, and strive for greatness. 

She was married for 4 years (together for 11) and when the relationship no longer fulfilled her, she walked away and went back into the dating scene in her 30s.

After her divorce was final, she packed her car with everything she needed and moved across the country for love.

When that didn't end in the fairy tale she had hoped for, she decided that living in a small loft cabin on the lake was the best solitude for her and her 16 year old husky, Mischa. She still believed that love was what led her across the country and decided to stay instead of move back home.

One day she wrote down her detailed dream life, everything from her personal fitness goals, to what her professional life would look like.

She wrote down what she wanted in a relationship and on that same day, a man did the same thing. They met weeks later, engaged in 5 months and are now building their lives together.

From city to country girl, Michelle resides in the Comox Valley, B.C. with her husband and their two dogs.

"I believe my story and experiences can help provide clarity and hope to those who feel like giving up on love.

I created my journey to find my own happiness. After struggles, challenges, much stress, damn near bankruptcy, and of course heartbreak, I learned why I needed to go through all of that to end up here, living the life I was meant to live."

"Think of Michelle as that friend you call for real, no-holding back, no bullshit advice" - T.K

Advice & Other Shit that You Might Find Useful

My Podcast is focused around relationships and specifically on the following topics:

  • Healing from heartbreak

  • Dating after divorce

  • Avoiding toxic relationships

  • Narcissism

  • Find your self-worth & confidence

  • Breaking dating patterns

My goal for this Podcast is to share my experiences to help you:

  • gain clarity

  • focus on the future

  • S.M.A.R.T Goal Setting

  • develop strengths and potential

  • overcome the barriers that are holding you back (ie. self-doubt)

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